About Us

Steve Berger, a businessman from Los Angeles, saw that school principals and teachers around the world had a profound need for help and support, especially in regards to recognizing new relevant teaching materials relating to Judaism and Hebrew.

He has a unique ability to connect schools and various Jewish organizations with the authors and creators of the content, of which the majority is produced in Israel, in order that those producing the content understand the needs of those reading it.


My Israel Connection was founded in 2004 with the sole aim of reinforcing a connection to the Jewish people (Am Yisrael) through an encounter with the country’s history and cultural richness. Through further education about Judaism and its root connection with Land of Israel, they hoped to spread their message to Jewish communities and schools worldwide.


Now in 2016, My Israel Connection employs over a dozen people and works with countless other organizations around the globe whose responsibility and joy it is to educate the Jewish people, to spread the message of Am Yisrael b'lev echad b'Eretz Yisrael - the Jewish nation with one heart in the Land of Israel. 


Whether it's traveling to communities across the globe and speaking with communal leaders, going into the schools and running programs, taking trips to Poland to learn about the rich heritage and history of Jewry, or bringing groups to Israel to see what our nation has accomplished over the past 70 years, My Israel Connection is committed to strengthening the Jewish Nation through an increase in knowledge of our history, bringing it into the present and building foundations for the future.

Building A Jewish Future