Too often there are families that move to Israel with a deep love of the Land, only to find out that they can't make it work here and are forced to move back. 


From our experience, the main reason is employment. Finding a job in Israel is very different to finding employment in the US or the UK. Unfortunately, new immigrants are not getting the opportunity to learn about the job market and, as such, they don’t know how to present themselves to an Israeli employer. 


My Israel Connection, in conjunction with Machon Shipur, have developed a solution.


We give you the tools to take control of your own employment opportunities in Israel and help you maximize the chance of finding the job that is right for you.


It all starts with a phone call. We provide a free initial consultation over the phone where we learn more about you and what you are looking for. Based on this, we can arrange for you to meet with a top professional in your sector, who, through a number of sessions will do the following things:

We learn about who you are, where you have worked and what you are looking for.

We teach you about the way the Israeli job market works.

We show you where and how to look for the jobs you want.

We help you perfect your resume for Israeli employers.

We prep you with best practice techniques for job interviews.

We’ll guide you in learning how to integrate into the Israeli workplace.

And mostly, we’ll support you through the whole process, until you find a job that works for you and have stayed there for at least a year.

Through this initiative, we hope to help countless people, around the world, make Aliyah, when before they thought it was an impossibility.