It is our aim to help Jewish people worldwide develop their identity, deepen their Jewish values and strengthen their connections with Israel.


We have built our professional experience over many years through various entities. We have worked with groups from the United States, England, Australia, South Africa and South America.



My Israel Connection In Your Community

Who We've Worked With


Rabbi Moshe Amster, Yeshivat Yavne, California.

Mr. Reuven Angstreich, Koby Mandell Foundation, New York.

Rabbi Howard Bald, Hillel Yeshiva High School, New Jersey.

Rabbi Shlomo Diamond, Syrian Jewish community in New Jersey.

Mr. Steve Frankel, former head of Bnei Akiva Summer programs, Israel.

Rabbi Chaim Kosofsky, Lubavitcher Yeshiva Academy, Massachusetts.

Rabbi Pesach & Debbie Wachsman, L.A.G.I.T.T summer girls program, Israel.

Mr. Michael Wegier, United Jewish Israel Appeal (UJIA), England.

Rabbi Mordechai Weiss, Sigel Hebrew Academy, Connecticut.


Our team travels the world over, visiting communities across the US, Canada, UK, France, Russia and so many more.


We meet with leaders and teachers, understand how they are currently teaching Judaism's connection with Israel, and help them develop new ways and techniques to do this as well as providing them material to help them with their goals.


We go into schools and run activities with the students, seeing how they respond to the information we give across. It helps us get a feeling of what the next generation of Diaspora Jewry is feeling in regards to their religion, their land and their state, the State of Israel.


By meeting with all these people we can comprehend the struggles Jews around the world are going through, and they vary from country to country. We help them confront these issues, and feel proud about who they are and feel that deep connection between Judaism and Israel.


Communities and Schools Around the World



The Holocaust came to an end over 70 years ago, and with it came an end to a long section of our nation's history. Often when we think about Poland and the Jews there, all we can think about are ghettos, concentration camps. Suffering and death. But before that dark smear was etched into the history of our people, we had a rich and vibrant life in Europe, hundreds of years filled with culture, communities and life.

In order to understand what our nation is today, we need to understand who we were. Europe was a long and prosperous chapter in our people's history and a trip to Poland really brings home what we had there and what was lost.


There is no better way to cement into a person's heart and soul the connection between Judaism and Israel than to see and experience it, first hand. Every trip is as unique as each participant is. Everyone finds their own unique connection to Israel. Some find it by visiting religious sites such as the Western Wall, the Tomb of the Patriarchs and the Tomb of Rachel. Some find their connection through archaeological sites such as herodian, masada and Qumran. Others may connect to the beauty of the land itself such as the dead sea, mount Hermon and the Kinneret and for some people, it is the culture which connects them, Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, Sarona in Tel Aviv and the many wineries in the North of the country. Whoever you are, wherever you're from, there is something in Israel for you. 


Whoever you are, wherever you're from, there is something in Israel for you. My Israel Connection is here to help you find your connection to Israel.