Special Projects

Hasbara Trips

Much of the work we do is over the phone, conference call and email. However, once a year we send a member of our team to America for a month. 30 schools in 30 days. We meet with the principals, teachers and the students. We use this as an opportunity to show them new materials, techniques and ideas that can help them teach about Judaism and Israel more effectively.


In December 2014 we sent Netanya all over the states, in conjunction with Stand With US. You can see the results of her trip here.

NetSpark Mobile

The internet is an incredible resource, one that can provide us with information about every topic, connections to friends and family worldwide through social media channels and so much more. Unfortunately, with the good, comes the bad. There is much content on the internet that we don’t want our children to see, for many different reasons. Classical parental controls just aren’t enough anymore, they can’t block inappropriate content on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and more.

Arba Minim

During the Shmittah year, many people around the world felt it might be problematic to use the 4 species for Sukkot that were grown in Israel, so they began to buy from Morocco instead.  This had an impact on Israeli farmers who were relying on those overseas sales. We contacted communities around the world and attempted to organise bulk sales of Israeli grown species, to support farmers in Israel.

The Marriage Covenant

 This is marriage book which not only talks about the Jewish laws of marriage and family purity, but also the spiritual connection between man and wife.


My Israel Connection acquired the sole rights for the translation of this book into English. Since 2002 we have made several reprints and sold over thousands of copies across Israel, the US, UK, Canada and Australia, allowing English speaking couples to benefit from this incredibly important work.

Kamah Kamah

Rav Druckman, born in 1932, made Aliyah to Israel in 1944 from Poland after being saved from the holocaust. He is a former Member of Israeli Parliament. He is the Rosh Yeshiva of the Ohr Etzion Yeshiva and head of the Bnei Akiva Youth Movement.


His book, Kamah Kamah, gives real insight into modern Israeli Orthodox thought and philosophy regarding the Jewish people's eventual delivery from exile to redemption and the important part the State of Israel plays in this.


My Israel Connection has the sole rights for translation of the book. The first few chapters have already been translated and we hope to have the entire text ready for print soon.

There are very few available in English today that covers this important area, bridging the gap between the Biblical promise of Divine redemption and the modern day miracle that is the State of Israel.

NetSpark Mobile is an application that blocks content within mobile apps and mobile browsers, allowing your children to use the internet and social media to the fullest, while keeping them safe from material that you don’t want them to see within the apps themselves.


My Israel Connection works with multiple schools across the world to implement a system whereby pupils can only bring mobile phones to school if they have NetSpark Mobile installed. This way, students can remain connected throughout the day, without compromising on their safety. 15,000 students have downloaded the app.