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Planting For A Bright Future 

As all seasoned educators know, before you can begin to teach, you have to have well written, sourced and proofed material to teach. The material has to be engaging, interesting and constantly bringing home the message you are working hard to get across.


We work with many incredible organisations and publishers, who provide us with the material we need, in order to spread our message of Judaism and Israel to hundreds of comunites and schools around the world. 

My Israel Connection has an incredible team of educators who not only teach directly to students worldwide, we also publish online articles on topics from Holocaust Rememberance Day to Israel Indepenance Day. You can view some of our publications by clicking the links below.

You can't always measure success by numbers; in this case, you can only measure success by how each soul has been touched and how each life has been changed. Nonetheless, here is an indication of the impact we have made until now.

Our team works in nearly every continent in over x countries through hundreds of cities educating the next generation and preparing the way for future thinkers and leaders of our nation. 


Take a look at the following maps of the US and of Europe. Every star is a community or school that we have worked with in the past, and for many of them, continue to work with until today.

Around The World


Everything begins with education. And that's where we place our emphasis. We value teachers and invest in educators because it is our responsibility to ensure that Jews everywhere can access the best Jewish education and appreciate core Jewish beliefs and values. 

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